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[08:51:07] Guest[NVDOI] :

Thank you for signing in, the presentation will be starting in about 5 minutes.

[08:57:38] Guest[Rlw0524] :

Thank you. We're not hearing any sound on our end...should we?

[09:00:54] Guest[Rlw0524] :

Exchange plans only or all lines of business

[09:01:45] Guest[Rlw0524] :

NO, the bill the Commissioner just mentioned

[09:05:17] Guest[Rlw0524] :

Will the Nevada rate template be released after tomorrow's webinar? Thank you.

[09:07:55] Guest[Tracy] :

have you started yet

[09:08:29] Guest[NVDOI] :

We just started. Can you see the rate filing presentation?

[09:09:17] Guest[Tracy] :


[09:09:19] Guest[Rlw0524] :

Do the off exchange Individual and the off exchange SB PBTs have to be validated or can they be submitted as supporting documentation in the binders?

[09:10:52] Guest[NVDOI] :

Tracy, try reopening the link to see if that fixes the connection.

[09:11:45] Guest[Rlw0524] :

What is meant by "completely" for the PBT? In prior years' it has only been required to complete the benefits tab. Thank you.

[09:22:27] Guest[Rlw0524] :

Does the standardized naming convention apply to the forms filing? Is so, is there guidance? Thank you.

[09:23:47] Guest[Rlw0524] :

Are all carrier's rates approved at the same time?

[09:24:12] Guest[Rlw0524] :

Clarification, Approved and posted

[09:38:27] Guest[Rlw0524] :

From what the Commissioner said, it sounded like SB86 will apply; this slide looks like it MAY apply...which is it? Thank you.

[09:47:37] Guest[Guest06] :

To clarify, for plan year 2020, all Small Group rates will be the same for the whole year unless a Q3 filing is submitted?

[09:49:02] Guest[Rlw0524] :

Can new SB plans be added in the Q3 filing?

[09:50:51] Guest[NVDOI] :

Annette has stepped out for a moment. I will have her answer when she is back.

[09:50:54] Guest[Guest06] :

Again for clarification, quarterly trend increases are not allowed to be submitted in the 1/1/2020 filing?

[09:53:52] Guest[Guest06] :

Got it. Thanks for walking me through that.

[09:53:58] Guest[Rlw0524] :

Just to clarify, carriers can only add to the Small Group/Business portfolio in the annual filing? Is that correct?

[09:59:48] Guest[Rlw0524] :

What about Telehealth Utililzation?

[10:03:43] Guest[TinaT] :

If we qualify for the exemption from network adequacy, do we still need to submit the ECP/Network template?

[10:08:45] Guest[Rlw0524] :

Zhuang, can you provide any information regarding the Plan ID crosswalk and submission process through HIOS as it looks as we are moving to an SBE? THank you.

[10:09:38] Guest[Susan_Thao] :

[10:10:23] Guest[Susan_Thao] :

The new ECP requriement. Does that apply to Dental even if the ECP category does not have Dental listed?

[10:11:14] Guest[Susan_Thao] :


[10:11:27] Guest[Rlw0524] :

Are carriers required to "attest" to the new requirement just mentioned?

[10:11:41] Guest[Jennifer] :

Can the 2020 requirement for Outpatient Rehab/Habilitation services be re-reviewed?

[10:12:58] Guest[Jennifer] :

What must the visit limit be changed to?

[10:15:14] Guest[Rlw0524] :

Thanks to all of you...very helpfu.

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